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is a modern nanotechnological product,  which consists of crystals of an especially pure (98%) hydroxyapatite that are grown only within a biologically adequate size range of a nanometric scale.

That is why NANOHAP particles are capable of activating an human organism’s biological self-healing mechanism on a cellular level. Really fast and positive changes while using NANOHAP have foremost occurred in case of the most common skeletal and articular diseases.


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A lot of people, already in Estonia as well, have successfully used (the new material) NANOHAP to fight with serious problems caused by spinal, articular and cartilage tissue problems (arthroses, arthritides, also podagra).

Significant reduction or complete disappearing of complaints (with no side effects) occurring from different forms of osteoarthritis and the better mobility of joints has a priceless value in maintaining every ill person’s quality of life:

• The withdrawal of extensive pain and swelling caused by a back or joint which is ill, is very quick and long-lasting when using NANOHAP.

• Increased joint mobility, which gives the opportunity to add physical load, restore muscle tone and prevent their wilt.

• Thereby the people’s ability to manage has intensified and everyday state of mind has gotten better.

At this point, it would be naive to think that our back or joint pain is different from those, whom NANOHAP has already helped.

It is neither a medication nor a food additive!

NANOHAP™ is a selection of biocompatible hydroxyapatite nanoparticles. That have been packaged for experimentational oral consumption of the substance at optimal doses - for a duration of one month.


One capsule in the morning and one in the evening, let the capsule dissolve in the mouth. Do not swallow the capsule whole. Ingestion does not depend on meals.

After the first cycle the positive effects and improvements should be noted. For best results it is recomended to use NANOHAP for three cycles (3 months) - later as needed.


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